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Who We Are - The Business of Being A Cat

The business of being a cat is not always an easy one. There are a lot of tasks that have to be taken care of throughout the course of the day. Teamwork is often the key, as these tasks cannot always be handled alone. Two heads are better than one they say. Sometimes one of the team members has to keep a watchful eye on the competition while the other member lays out the blueprints for the task ahead. Being well rested can often mean getting a step ahead in this tough business. Much of the work day is spent sleeping. Sleeping on the couch, sleeping in the chair, sleeping in the window, sleeping on the floor or wherever the mood may strike. However, the sleep is not a waste of time. Much of naptime is spent dreaming about the tasks of the day, or even the week. To stay ahead, you have to look ahead. Some of the best ideas are born in dreams. Once well rested, our team must move on to some of the more important tasks ahead. Those toys are not going to lose themselves. The team loosens up by chasing each other up and down the stairs and then wrestling on the floor for a while. One must stay in shape to keep up with the competition. Next they move onto the individual tasks at hand. Asia is world renowned for her hair tie losing prowess, as she has pushed them under the couch more than once in her career. Amber must walk the beat a little and make sure everything is in order around the office. On the table, the counter and wherever else the day may take her.

Durante D. Cat - Founder - (1993-2002) -
The venerable founder of Meow Inc, Durante D. Cat, began this business in 1993. Durante was a go getter and was always on top of things, literally. He has passed the torch to the Meow Inc newcomers. R.I.P. - We miss you little buddy!

Amber D. Cat - "Burbee" - President & CEO - (2002-2015)
President of Meow Inc, Amber D. Cat, starts her day off bright and early at 5:30am on the dot. As such an important member of the team, Amber has little time to waste when it comes to the business of being a cat. R.I.P. - We miss you sweet angel!

Asia D. Cat - "Asia Mouse" - Spokescat - (2002-2016)
As official Spokescat for Meow Inc, Asia D. Cat is always engaged in constant chatter. She does not shy away from the public eye and is always very outspoken on the tough issues that arise with being a cat. R.I.P. - We miss you sweet baby!

Who Is The Cat?

The cat (Felis catus), also known as the domestic cat or house cat to distinguish it from other felines and felids, is a small predatory carnivore species of mammal that is valued by humans as companions and for their ability to hunt vermin, snakes, scorpions, and other unwanted household pests. It has been associated with humans for at least 9,500 years.

Pretty cool eh?